Branding Options at Flightcase Warehouse

Posted: 22 July 2021

CNC Engraving
>Engraved with either a 1mm or 2mm Carbide Square End Mill tool at 9000 RPM for precision engraving 
>Engraved 0.6mm into the top layer of material to keep the materials structural integrity at its maximin 
>Long life engravements to withstand day to day use 
>Any Logo / text or pattern can be performed with the aid of CAD design
Check out this video showcasing our CNC Engraving option: WATCH HERE

Digital Printing
>Direct to Substrate UV Printing (Digital Printing)
>Using High Res or Vector file for a logo
>Any flat surface can be printed on this way
Check out this video showcasing our Digitial Printing option: WATCH HERE

Screen Printing
>The original form of branding on flightcases
>Can only be printed on HPL due to it needing to be a completely flat surface to get a professional finish
>It is the only form of logo branding that can be done AFTER the case has been built
Check out this video showcasing our Screen Priniting options: WATCH HERE

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