Supporting the Events Industry for #lightitinred

Posted: 05 October 2020

Our business has been supported by the events industry since the very beginning, so it was only right that we showed our support on the 30th September when the Stand as One campaign went ahead around the world.

The campaign is part of We Make Events, founded by Plasa who are the lead international membership body for those who supply technologies and services to the event and entertainment industries.

It's unfathomable that we could live in a world without events and live music, yet if the industry isn't offered support they could lose up to 1 million jobs in the UK alone (

The event on 30th September was the third in a line of #lightitinred events, the 1st taking place on 06/07 and the second on 11/08.

We stepped out alongside Robe UK, Clearsound Productions & Backstage Theatre Jobs at Silverstone, (where our hot desk is), on a very wet and rainy day to show support. We created some special Road Trunks in red and branded them with #wemakeevents & #lightitinred.

The events industry is calling for
1. Grants - not loans - made available to businesses in the events supply chain.
2. Furlough Scheme extended until the industry is back to work
3. Extension of the Self-employed Income Support Scheme.

Peter Heath, MD of PLASA, comments: "The live events industry supply chain, essential to every single event in the UK, is set to completely collapse without financial support from the government, due to social distancing prohibiting mass events. Large scale events are not expected to reopen until Spring 2021 at the earliest, and the reality is that the sector can't wait that long. While the Government's commitment to provide £1.57bn to our crown jewels is welcomed, this does not not help the companies and freelancers who work in the live events supply chain. We've issued a ‘Red Alert' after using #WeMakeEvents because the sector is on its last legs, and now the whole industry is coming together to ask the government to ‘throw us a line." (


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