What Makes a Touring Grade Flightcase?

Posted: 23 December 2021

We’ve recently began using 35mm angle and 35mm double extrusion on some of our Touring Grade Flightcases and here’s why:

35mm Leg Length
The increased leg length reduces the risk of excessive panel deformation and greatly increases the payload capacity. Ensuring that, even with heavy loads, the touring grade flightcase case remains square, and the lid(s) can be opened and closed smoothly every time.
Rivet Head Protection
A small section of the extrusion is made thinner, leaving a channel to position the rivet. This area reduces the exposed height of the rivet head, reducing the risk of damaged and wear and tear.
2mm Wall Thickness
Greater wall thickness reduces deformation and buckling cause by impact and handling
Unique Design
As with all FCW extrusions, we designed our 35mm angle for endurance, aesthetics, and strength, to withstand the rigours of the road.

For more info about our touring grade flightcases, email us on sales@flightcasewarehouse.co.uk

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